Pamporovo - Chepelare

Pamporovo - Snow and Sun in the Mountain of Orpheus

Pamporovo, the pearl of the Bulgarian mountain resorts, is situated in the heart of the Rhodopa Mountain, at 230 km from the capital Sofia, at 85 km South of Plovdiv and at 15 km from Smolian. It is enough to ski for one day at the ski runs of Pamporovo to get magnificent sun tan, as the resort is famous as the one of the sunniest mountain resorts in Bulgaria – the sunny days during the year here are more than 240.
The climate is soft, with strong Mediterranean influence. The average annual temperature is 8,5°С, and the snow coverage is 140 – 150 sm. The altitude of the resort is 1650 m., and the highest point is Snejanka Peak – 1926 m.
Nor unexpected changes in the weather or avalanches are characteristic for Pamporovo, so the calmness and the safety during your stay are guaranteed. Due to this Pamporovo is a top destination in the free style skiing and snowboarding. If you could not ski, do not worry – the ski schools in Pamporovo are one of the best in Europe!  The highly qualified ski-instructors are going to teach the beginners in groups or individually.
The ski runs in Pamporovo are with different levels of difficulty, so independently whether you are beginners or advancers, the riding at them will be an unforgettable pleasure! The resort has 37 km of alpine runs, 14 km of which are covering during the whole season with artificial snow by 80 snow-guns, which accomplish 90 % snowing of the ski runs.
There are 6 lifts and 9 drags in Pamporovo, with capacity per hour in the ski zone 11 600 persons per hour. The 6-seated lift from Stoikite Village is the most modern one at the Balkan Peninsula! It moves with 6 m per second and it takes the distance for 8 minutes!
The only one in Bulgaria half-pipe equipment with Olympic dimensions for snowboarding is constructed after the first deeper snow. The runs for cross-country skiing are with total length 15 km. The relief of the resort allows to develop one other very famous in Europe and USA winter sport – skidoo (sliding with motor sledge) out of the main ski zone.
The resort has possibilities for night skiing at the Stenata Ski Run, ice skating, children zone, kindergarten, information center in the old building of the bus station. Pamporovo is the first winter resort, who is offering accommodation in hotels on AI base with warm lunch atteh ski runs. The total accommodation base in Pamporovo, including the apartment buildings, is over 16 000 beds.

of Lifts and Drags
(prs per
1-man Chair Lift
Bus Station - Studenets
720 120 1548 1668 600
1-man Chair Lift
Studenets - Snejanka
1200 246 1678 1924 640
1-man Chair Lift
Ardashla - Studenets
1528 224 1456 1680 375
2-man Chair Lift
Smolyanski Ezera - Snejanka
1456 384 1541 1925 360
3-man Chair Lift
Ardashla - Snejanka
2144 425 1500 1925 1800
Ski Drag Studenets 600 178 1673 1851 700
Ski Drag Tourist Run 800 158 1758 1916 850
Ski Drag Malina (Pomagalski) 1340 371 1546 1917 800
Ski Drag Akademika
900 100 1820 1920 750
Four Baby Drags 2000


FOR THE GUESTS OF PAMPOROVO we reccommend to visit the ethnographic reserve in Shiroka Luka, The Trigrad canyon and the caves there: The Devil Throat and Iagodina, the Bachkovo monastery, dated from XI century and the Old Plovdiv.

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Chepelare is situated in the central part of Rhodopi Mountain, at an average altitude of 1140 meters, 230 km away from Sofia and 80 km away from Plovdiv. The favorable continental climate with a strong Mediterranean influence, the ecologically friendly environment, the centuries old spruce, pine, and fir forests, and the well developed infrastructure create solid conditions for tourism, recreation, and entertainment throughout the year.

The main places of interest in the town are the two churches – St. Anastasius and St. Virgin Mary, built in 1835 and 1866, respectively, the small-scale replica of the Shipka Monument, located not far away from the Caveman’s Home, the Rhodopi Karst Museum, the only one in Europe, which presents the beauty of caves and cave exhibits, preserved from the dawn of mankind, the Ski and Ski Sport Museum. Chepelare is a remarkable ethnographic and folklore reserve. It has preserved the unique Rhodopi architecture (Uzunov’s House and Stoyu Shishkov’s House), built in the typical Rhodopi style. One of the most famous Bulgarian folklore festivals are held here – the Rozhen Fair, at every 4 years.

Chepelare is one of the famous ski centers in Bulgaria. The town has one of the best ski runs at the Banlkan Peninsula. Besides both main ski runs at Mechi Chal, the resort has runs for cross country, biathlon runs (including shooting ground), snowboarding. There is a new 4-seated lift and several drugs for the ski runs. The total length of the ski runs in Chepelare is 20 km. there is free WiFi Internet, covering all runs.

Hotels in Pamporovo - Chepelare

Rodopski Dom (Rhodope Home) Hotel

The hotel is situated in the center of Chepelare