Chepelare is situated in the central part of Rhodopi Mountain, at an average altitude of 1140 meters, 230 km away from Sofia and 80 km away from Plovdiv. The favorable continental climate with a strong Mediterranean influence, the ecologically friendly environment, the centuries old spruce, pine, and fir forests, and the well developed infrastructure create solid conditions for tourism, recreation, and entertainment throughout the year.

The main places of interest in the town are the two churches – St. Anastasius and St. Virgin Mary, built in 1835 and 1866, respectively, the small-scale replica of the Shipka Monument, located not far away from the Caveman’s Home, the Rhodopi Karst Museum, the only one in Europe, which presents the beauty of caves and cave exhibits, preserved from the dawn of mankind, the Ski and Ski Sport Museum. Chepelare is a remarkable ethnographic and folklore reserve. It has preserved the unique Rhodopi architecture (Uzunov’s House and Stoyu Shishkov’s House), built in the typical Rhodopi style. One of the most famous Bulgarian folklore festivals are held here – the Rozhen Fair, at every 4 years.

Chepelare is one of the famous ski centers in Bulgaria. The town has one of the best ski runs at the Banlkan Peninsula. Besides both main ski runs at Mechi Chal, the resort has runs for cross country, biathlon runs (including shooting ground), snowboarding. There is a new 4-seated lift and several drugs for the ski runs. The total length of the ski runs in Chepelare is 20 km. there is free WiFi Internet, covering all runs.

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